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      Classic Blue & White Leaf Art Prints

      Classic Blue & White Leaf Art Prints - ColorBee Creative

      Pantone color of the year is Classic Blue.

      Classic Blue lends itself to relaxed interaction. It is simple, elegant and comfortable to embrace.

      “Classic Blue is akin to black; it goes with everything. It’s a wonderful color because it transcends periods and styles” — Carleton Varney, president of Dorothy Draper & Co. in Palm Beach, Florida

      Historically associated with the return of another day, its use hints that we may be revisiting a more traditional way of decorating. Classic Blue is also suggestive of the sky darkening at dusk.

      Timeless and enduring, calming and familiar, Pantone says this is the blue that will usher us into the next decade.

      Blue imprints on our psyches a restful color, one of refuge, peace and tranquility. It centers our thoughts, aids our focus and brings laser-like clarity to our minds. Deep blue fosters strength and resilience.

      As Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman explains it, “Blue, from an emotional, psychological standpoint, has always represented a certain amount of calm and dependability. It’s a color that you can rely on.”

      The Night Our Stars Aligned

      The Night Our Stars Aligned - ColorBee Creative

      Destiny Could Not Wait The Night Our Stars Aligned.

      A map of the stars to always remember that special night. New night sky star chart map poster is personalized for your special date.

      Commemorate the date you met, first date, engagement, wedding or any important moment in your life. The night sky star map chart art print shows the stars as they were on that date and location.


      Personalized Makes It Special

      Personalized Makes It Special - ColorBee Creative

      Valentine’s Day is the one day a year where you have a free pass to be as romantic as you always wanted to be. Go ahead and indulge in the lovey dovey-ness of the holiday.

      Go all out with flowers and chocolate hearts. Have a candlelit dinner. But don’t be ordinary. The typical gift of flowers is just so non-memorable, especially to the millennial generation. For a truly memorable gift, get your Valentine a personalized keepsake mug.

      There can be a lot of pressure to really nail your gift for Valentine's Day. It's the holiday of romance, so you want your gift to feel special. Nothing says “I love you” quite like a personalized mug. It allows you to show your significant other just how special they are with something one-of-a-kind and unique to them. 

      With that in mind, here are a few ideas for Valentine's day mugs for the loved ones in your life.


      Autumn Wedding Colors

      Autumn Wedding Colors - ColorBee Creative

      Did you know? October has officially replaced June as the most popular month to get married.

      Rustic neutrals like taupe, browns and light olives combined with rose accents are popping up in the most charming fall celebrations. Incorporate fall colors with your gifts too. To celebrate fall weddings and anniversaries, our new Autumn Colors Love Tree art print is now available:

      We also have new Golden Anniversary personalized prints that make for nice autumn wedding or anniversary gifts.

      All our anniversary prints can be personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date for a special keepsake gift:


      Favorite Foods - Apples in Autumn

      Favorite Foods - Apples in Autumn - ColorBee Creative

      Although pumpkins get the most autumn attention, apples are the fundamental part of fall. Going apple picking, drinking fresh apple cider, baking apple pies, gooey caramel apples and the warmth of gathering are all a big part of the season.

      Big Red Apple Poster

      Apple Poster

      Apples are one of the foods with which most of us have some sort of sentimental memory: grandma’s apple pies, hot apple cider, an afternoon spent apple picking, candied apples, or homemade applesauce.

      Apple Poster