How to Hang Pictures On Walls

Here at ColorBee Creative we know that art is the best part of designing a room. But hanging pictures can be intimidating if you’re not sure how to do it correctly. You may have winged it a couple of times and learned that hanging pictures randomly can lead to a sloppy and an unprofessional look. We’re here to help!

How to Hang Pictures on Wall


The steps to hanging pictures are pretty simple if you know the secrets. In this series of posts I’ll show you how to hang art to show it at its best. Let’s start with step 1 - the number 57.


A number of years ago I learned a great tip that to this day has made picture hanging a simple, even pleasurable task. The tip was to always hang art so that the MIDDLE of the picture is at 57 inches from the floor. Why 57 inches? The 57 inch standard represents the average human eye-height and is a standard in many galleries and museums. Hard to argue with that!

When you stick to the 57 inch standard, you create balance and harmony among ALL the pictures in your home and you won’t have the problem many of us have, which is hanging our pictures way too high.

For a gallery look, let’s do what the professionals do!


1. Measure and lightly mark 57 inches above the floor on the wall
2. Measure top of your picture to the middle
3. Measure top of your picture to the tightened wire
4. Subtract this last amount to tell you how far above 57 inches your hook should go
5. Measure up from 57 inches with this last amount and lightly mark on the wall


1. Picture height is 20 inches
2. Middle is 10 inches down from top (this should rest at 57 inches)
3. Wire comes to 2 inches below the top
4. 10 inches – 2 inches = 8 inches
5. Lightly mark 8 inches above your first mark OR 65 inches on the wall

It may look complicated in writing, but it’s actually super simple and easy when you do it. Just remember to ALWAYS measure and mark with a pencil. Don’t eyeball it. Measure it and mark it.

What about groups of prints? The 57 inch standard also applies. Think of a group as ONE picture. After you arrange them (doing this on the floor makes it easier), start with the center picture/pictures and measure them at 57 inches on center. Then surround them with the rest of the group. Easy!

More on how to hang pictures coming soon - stay tuned!