How to Decorate With Blue Paisley

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Blue Paisley, PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ Color of the Year, is a daring and eclectic shade of blue that lends itself to many styles and color pairings. Add some bold blue to your home with this Houzz Shop collection. 

How to Decorate with Blue Paisley Color of the Year

Go Bold By Pairing It With Orange and Red

While this is a cool hue, its intensity makes it seem to glow. An intense blue like this is gorgeous with intense warm shades of red, orange, carnelian and coral - such as our coral print, BE NICE OR LEAVE.

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There are a couple of tricks to getting this pairing right. Layer the intensities by using deep peacock blue along with a softer shade of red or orange, such as pink or peach. If you want to use full-strength hues, decide whether you want the intense blue or bright red to be the dominant color, then use the other one as an accent.

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