Wedding Guest Etiquette - Answering the Tricky Questions

With wedding season in full swing, let's review some tricky 'wediquette' questions:

Do I have to get the couple an engagement present?

If you go to the engagement party, always bring a gift, such as a bottle of bubbly or a more personal engagement gift. If you're part of the bridal party, a family member or close friend bring a more personal gift. Otherwise if you're not attending the engagement party you're not obligated to send a gift.

Should I pick a wedding gift from the registry, get something else or just give cash?

All of the above are perfectly fine. Although cash is still a popular wedding gift, many guests think it's too impersonal and prefer giving a gift. They like the idea of giving the couple a keepsake they can cherish for years to come. Of course our favorite wedding gift idea is a personal one such as our Love Tree Art Print.

Is it OK to wear white to the wedding?

In the past, wearing white was considered the ultimate style "don't". But now it's perfectly acceptable to wear white or cream to a wedding. Especially since many brides choose color for their gowns. If you choose to wear white, break it up by adding a splash of color such as bright heels or a printed scarf, and try to avoid pairing it with silver or gold, which tends to look more bridal.

Can I ask for a special meal?

Special dietary requests are definitely on the rise. Between gluten intolerance, vegetarianism and paleo diets, wedding menus have come a long way since the days of 'beef or chicken'. You should always inform the bride and groom of any special dietary requirements at least a month before the big day as it allows the chef to prepare the menu.

Can I turn down an invite?

Of course you can say "I don't" to a wedding invitation, but always do so with lots of notice and well before the RSVP date.

What about last minute cancellations? It's not always necessary to call the couple and disrupt them with last minute changes in plan. Instead, contact the venue so they can alter the seating plan accordingly. And do send regrets to the couple after the wedding if you're not able to beforehand.

Should I bring my selfie stick or leave it at home?

While some social media-conscious couples hashtag their nuptials, others are banning Facebook and Twitter on their big day. Recently there has been a rise in 'unplugged weddings' - often this will be flagged on the invitation or even in the program.

Be considerate about over-sharing your photos of the wedding right away. Many couples might be happy to discover a few snaps on Facebook the next day, but some may be disappointed that they didn't get to share them first. If in doubt, wait until the couple have shared photos before sharing your own.

What's in a name?

One survey of Facebook users found that a third of married women in their 20s now keep their ­maiden name. What to do if you don't know? Well generally, the bride and groom will be introduced as 'Mr and Mrs Hubby Name' at the reception. So calling the bride 'Mrs' on the wedding day should be just fine - even if she doesn't change officially her name.