Ombre is Everywhere

Suddenly, ombre is everywhere – and that’s fine with me! What is ombre? Beautiful graduated layers of color. You’ll find it in home décor, fashion, hair color and more. Add a little ombre to your life!
Ombre is Everywhere Collage

1. DUSK DELIGHT Sunset hues make this artwork pop. Ombre Art Print, $20; Retro Menagerie
2. FULL SPECTRUM Ombre lips? Go for it! Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick, $32; Saks Fifth Avenue
3. TRY TO RESIST Pretty cake is ombre-licious. Pink Ombre Swirl Cake, DIY; as seen on Glorious Treats
4. FLOWER POWER Oh my ombre! Red & Pink Flower Box Centerpiece, as seen on
5. LIGHT BRIGHT Illuminated in ombre. Ombre Pendant Lampshade, DIY; as seen on
6. SNUG RUG Warm up with orange ombre. Orange Ombre India Rug, $25; Chandra Rugs
7. MOD SQUAD Yummy ice cream ombre. Mid-Century Modern Desk and Chair, DIY; Natty By Design
8. SATURATED Shower yourself in ombre. Smoldering Hues Shower Curtain, $118; Anthropologie

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