Recommended Reading

I recently read a couple of books on creating crafty businesses and highly recommend them!  Both books have loads of inspiring profiles of people who created successful businesses by following their hearts :)


The first one is Craft, Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco.  This book has tons of practical advice for everything from naming your company to writing a business plan and paying taxes. Plus, the author asks really interesting questions in her interviews with people like Jonathan Adler, one of my faves.

Next is Crafting A Business by Kathie Fitzgerald.  This book focuses on female artisans and includes a nice cross-section of success stories, including Amy Butler.  Gorgeous photos of each woman at work too!  I believe Kathie is connected with Country Living magazine so you know the photos will be nice.  There’s a brief section at the end about setting up a business, but it mostly profiles the women and their stories.  They each started with an idea and followed their dreams!
You can get these books on Amazon, or do what I did - grab a copy from your local library:)