Gift Ideas for Dad

I always have a really hard time trying to figure out what to get my dad for father's day, birthdays, or any special occasion.  He's got tons of tools, doesn't need ties, is too serious of a golfer to want a cute golf tee or anything like that.  This year I've been keeping notes on some unique ideas I found while shopping in the mall, on TV and on the internet.  If you're having a hard time coming up with a gift idea, maybe one of these will inspire you!

Mood Mugs
If your dad loves coffee, how bout one of these Mood Mugs from Thabto (Two Heads Are Better Than One).  Choose from Seriously Sleepy, Happy as Larry, or Monstrously Moody.  Or get your dad all three!

iTrip Auto
The Griffin Technology iTrip Auto is a nifty gadget that broadcasts music from your iPhone/iPod Touch to an open FM frequency on your car’s FM stereo so you can play the music on your device through your car’s stereo speakers. You’re kind of like the DJ of your own radio station with the music you have on your device. It also acts as a car charger for your iPhone/iPod as well.

How cool would it be to to take your phone out of your purse/pocket, simply lay it down on a small mat, and pow, your phone is charging!  Powermat is a unique wireless charging system that enables you to do just that by simply laying your wireless device on a small, thin electronic mat (the mat is the only thing that’s actually “plugged in”). Your device is encased in a special Powermat protective case which enables the mat to detect that the phone is on it, and it immediately begins charging it.  Powermat works with devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, Nintendo DS and BlackBerry.  I think I want one of these for myself.



Beer In A Box
Molson Coors has created the beer lovers dream - a 10 pint Carling, Coors Light or Grolsch system that fits easily in the fridge and pours a proper draft beer every time. Modern technology meets beer to awesome effect.