Mixing Patterns: You Can Do It!

I love the look of minimal uncluttered spaces when I browse through magazines, but in real life they can be too austere and hard to live with. Adding patterned fabrics and furniture will solve that problem in a jiffy.

ColorBee | Mixing Fabric Patterns


With the right combination of patterns and colors, your home will feel warm and inviting. A lot of what I read about mixing patterns boils down to two things: the scale of the pattern and the colors of each piece.

COLOR: The colors should coordinate nicely, and ideally they should match in tone or strength. Don’t use pastels with bold colors.

SCALE: A general guideline is to go for 3 or 4 patterns in one room. A good mix should include small-, medium-, and large-scale patterns. Mixing patterns of the same size or scale can be hard on the eye.

 Mixing Patterns in a cottage living room


I approach pattern mixing by adding things one at a time, over time. I find it much more fun to keep my eyes open for patterned pieces when I’m shopping, rather than going out and buying a bunch of patterned fabrics and throw pillows all at once. So go ahead and get the plain unpatterned curtains for now if you need something to cover the window. But keep your eyes open for all the patterned possibilities that are out there.

ColorBee | Mixing Fabric Patterns

Keep pictures of your personal spaces on your phone so you can refer to them if you spot a particularly nice piece. Not sure if it will work? Ask about the shop’s return policy, then take it home and try it out! You may surprise yourself.


After you get the hang of it, you’ll find mixing patterns is a lot of fun and you’ll be rewarded with a comfy and welcoming place to live.

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