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How to Incorporate Florals Into Your Decor

A modern take on a classic pattern enlivens and refreshes any room. It’s the perfect update for spring!

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New! Everything All The Time Poster

"Everything All The Time" is a black and white quote poster that makes a great gift for him. New grads love it too.


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New! Born Under A Wandering Star

"Born Under A Wandering Star" is a celestial poster based on song lyrics. Printed on canvas...
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Now Available Framed | I Am Because We Are

"I Am Because We Are" represents the open-hearted African philosophy of Ubuntu...
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Where To Buy Picture Frames

Did you know that ColorBee offers professionally framed prints? Our frames are black and made of real wood. They include a 3-inch mat border on all sides of the print to really show off the design. Professional frames give them a custom look at a reasonable price.

Occasionally our customers want a different color or a fancier frame and they'll ask me where to buy picture frames. Here are some of my best suggestions:

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All About Green

A couple of years ago House Beautiful magazine declared green was "the neutral that goes with everything!" and I have to agree. Once considered a vibrant accent color, green is taking center stage in decorating color palettes.

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Nursery Decor in Teal

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Happily Modern Living Room

Springtime is the right time for bright green decor with modern furnishings and gold accents.
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Decorating Your Home With Coral


Remodeling and Home Design ColorBee Creative is happy to be featured on Houzz today!

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