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      Where To Buy Picture Frames

      Did you know that ColorBee offers professionally framed prints? Our frames are black and made of real wood. They include a 3-inch mat border on all sides of the print to really show off the design. Professional frames give them a custom look at a reasonable price.

      Occasionally our customers want a different color or a fancier frame and they'll ask me where to buy picture frames. Here are some of my best suggestions:

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      How to Hang Pictures On Walls

      Here at ColorBee Creative we know that art is the best part of designing a room. But hanging pictures can be intimidating if you’re not sure how to do it correctly. You may have winged it a couple of times and learned that hanging pictures randomly can lead to a sloppy and an unprofessional look. We’re here to help!

      How to Hang Pictures on Walls

      The steps to hanging pictures are pretty simple if you know the secrets. In this series of posts I’ll show you how to hang art to show it at its best. ...

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      Quiz: What's That Pattern

      ColorBee | What's That Pattern?


      Last time we talked about mixing patterns so I thought it would be fun to post a pattern quiz to test your knowledge of patterns. Sure you've seen most of these patterns before, but do you know their official names?


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