Gift Orders

Ship directly to your gift recipient!

When you complete your checkout, mark your order as a gift and include a personal message if you like.

Enter your gift recipient's name and address in the Shipping Address section and put your name and address in the Billing section.

Your gift will be shipped directly to your gift recipient with no pricing information included in the package.


To send an order as a gift:

  1. Click Add to Cart on the product page of the item you want to purchase.
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. Check the box next to Check this box if your order will be shipped to a gift recipient
  4. Include a complimentary gift message (optional)
  5. Click Check Out to continue
  6. Enter your email address in Your Contact Email section
  7. Enter your address in the Billing Address section
  8. Enter the recipient's address in the Shipping Address section
  9. Click Continue To Next Step and complete the checkout process